Realizing that you have to deal with any domestic legal issue is trying enough.  The process of finding the right representation and the subsequent navigation of the legalities of your life altering event can become daunting and overwhelming.

That's where we come in.

At the Law Offices of Levine and Bussert, we make the process as pain free, cost effective, and time efficient as possible.  Let us worry about the legalities of what you're facing, so that you can focus on the next stage of enjoying your life.


Call us at 770 274-2700 or Email us at to schedule your free consultation.  Unlike with other firms, you will not be meeting with a paralegal or associate to simply gather basic information.  You will be meeting directly with our Senior Lawyer, who will carefully assess your situation and desired outcome.

We will provide you with your options for moving forward, painting a picture of exactly what each option will entail, and the likely results.

During this discussion, we will also of course address financials.  We strongly believe that like other basic rights, every single person should be able to retain the absolute best legal counsel, regardless of their financial situation.  We offer reduced rates, discounts, and payment plans, with each cost structure tailored to you.

We do NOT charge a hefty retainer in order to be represented by our firm.  Rather, we are one of the ONLY family law practices that operates on flat fees.  This means that you will know the exact, total cost that you will pay in order to handle your case through to completion.  No unexpected hourly billing, no surprise charges.  We believe you should be armed with all of the information pertinent to your case up front.


Well, it means that you NEVER have to worry about unexpected, unaffordable legal costs.

It means that you NEVER have to worry about a high retainer that prevents you from being able to start your legal process.

It means that your fees WILL ALWAYS work with your budget.

It means that you CAN ALWAYS afford to have a team of lawyers on your side, with 18 years of experience, and receive an unparalleled level of attention to you and your case.

We do NOT believe in pro-longing your case.  We will devise the most time efficient approach possible that allows for the best possible resolution to your case.  Nobody enjoys being tied up in legal issues, and we're here to get you through yours and on to the rest of your life.

Throughout your case, we will be available to answer any questions, and pride ourselves on the relationships that we build with our clients.  We are a boutique firm allowing us the time and energy to truly get to know our clients, while having the experience, strength, and resources to handle absolutely any situation in Georgia.  We are proud to continue to receive excellent reviews as well as multiple awards that represent our unique dedication to our clients.

We will handle each step of the process for you, and see you through to completion, keeping you completely apprised of each step along the way.

Upon completion of your case, we will continue to be here for you to answer any questions or concerns.  

We're not just a team of lawyers.  We're family.

Want to hear it from our clients?  Visit our "What Our Clients Say" page to read reviews!