ATL Family Lawyers has been litigating LGBT, gay, and same sex issues for 17 years.

We are truly PIONEERS in the field.

ATL Family Lawyers recently litigated and settled, within four months, one of the most complex custody cases in the United States.  This custody case involved an out of country marriage, an out of state third party adoption, DNA donorship, and other extremely complex and unique custody and parental issues never before seen in the state of Georgia.

We are extremely proud to offer representation by one of the most aggressive gay litigators in the state.

Our attorneys and staff at ATL Family Lawyers recognize that families come in many different forms.  We assist two-parent families, same-sex couples, multi-generational families, and those related by love, not necessarily by blood.

We offer representation in all areas of Family Law for our LGBT clients, including, but not limited to:

  • Legal Marital/ Pre-Marital Counseling:  We are the innovators of Legal Marital Counseling, and the only law firm in the state of Georgia to offer this unique service.  Whether you are considering entering into a marriage, or are in the midst of conflict or struggle within your current partnership, Legal Marital Counseling is an excellent option.  Our Senior Attorney is able to draw on over 17 years of Family Law and Litigation experience to assess your situation, explain clearly and concisely what options you have, and provide you with a path forward and possible outcomes of each decision.  We have met with couples who are interested in working out their partnership and marriage options before entering into a legal union, individuals who feel as though they are on the cusp of a divorce but aren't sure what that will really mean for their future, and many more.

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements:  ATL Family Lawyers provides pre-nuptial agreements for couples planning to marry.  These agreements are able to provide peace of mind for couples by establishing expectations before there is ever a marital conflict.  After all, most people wear their seat belts, not because they expect a crash, but because they've learned that accidents (even ones that are not their fault) can and do happen.

  • Divorce:  ATL Family Lawyers domestic relations litigation practice has included since it's inception representation of LGBT spouses and partnerships.  We are proud to offer representation by one of the most aggressive gay litigators in the state of Georgia, who is able to uniquely assess your individual situation and provide the most favorable outcome possible, in the absolute most efficient and timely manner.

  • Child Custody and Support Disputes:  At ATL Family Lawyers, we aggressively assist our LGBT clients in all manner of custody and child support disputes.  With over 17 years of experience handling the most complex cases the state of Georgia has ever seen, we are able to provide world class representation and provide innovative solutions, even in what can seem like the most dire and confusing circumstances.

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