Surprisingly, Adam Scott Jaffe's career as a divorce lawyer inspired his semi-autobiographical book Defending Eve. He has always been a romantic soul, yet learning to give himself completely to love has been a struggle—one he shares openly as Defending Eve unfolds.

His divorce experience has given him a view behind the curtain. He discovered that a simple yet paramount secret was the solution to preventing dissolution of those dreams all relationships begin with. In this book, Jaffe uses the fiction genre to reveal the outworking of that secret.


You’ll find a divorce lawyer’s secrets to keeping love, not ending it, wrapped in a new package—the fictional story of Adam, a young man coming of age and discovering the secrets of lasting relationships through his experiences with women. Adam shares the childhood experiences that shape his view of women and what they deserve in a relationship. Our leading man then candidly shares his struggles to press toward his goals of being successful in the world of work and relationships. Along the way his love stories carry you into the world of a man’s yearning for the romance he fears may only be found in romance books. You’ll feel with him the ecstasy and uncertainty of first love. You feel his frustration and resignation as it flounders, and then ends. You’ll share his search for his romantic ideal. You’ll see his best intentions misunderstood. You’ll discover as he did just how powerful an aphrodisiac the imagination can be. You’ll feel his frustration as he finds himself passionately in love, yet pushing the woman he loves away. Adam’s struggles become the canvas upon which Jaffe shares the secrets of lasting relationships.

Viewed through the lesson-book of Adam’s life, Defending Eve is unique because such a tender story has its source in a world affected by the acrimony of break up and the earnest desire to find an enduring love. Adam makes his mistakes, yet no man puts his heart more energetically to searching within that he may not repeat them. Ironically, it is only through such a stormy environment that the light shines through. There is truly bounty in such a revelation, and it must be shared. The revelations in this love story give a couple the best opportunity to experience the most rewarding and sustainable relationship possible.

Adam took me on a journey that started with his first romantic longings. I felt as if I was watching a romantic comedy. But his message started to become more serious. His experience as a divorce lawyer gave him a special insight into relationships. He really wanted so much from love. It seemed as if he would never find true happiness. That was what made the book so fascinating. I couldn’t put it down. His story became my story. I wanted him to find his true love. His destiny demanded it. And I became lost in the story. He kept working so hard, and he finally discovers the true meaning of love. Defending Eve is such a heart warming story that brought tears to my eyes.
— H.Charles
I got this book from a friend. After starting it, I literally read it in one day. Not only does the author give you insight into the male mind, it will leave you uplifted about the state of romance in our modern world. Highly recommended to all the romantic at heart as well as those currently in the dating world. Good guys are not an extinct species.
— Tegregory
Every woman should read this book! Since it’s based on real events and told from a man’s perspective, it provides invaluable insight into the male psyche and the manner in which men mentally process relationships and love. It taps into every emotion, leaving you completely consumed in the story. It’s so real that you feel like you know the main character, Adam, and will want to punch him at times and hug him at other times. It made me reflect on all of my past relationships and, honestly, helped me to better understand them and myself. You hate Adam because you know him - you’ve dated him and you are him. Absolutely amazing and life-changing book!
— Anonymous
The title/subtitle, description and cover intrigued me so I took a shot on Mr. Jaffe’s novel. I had never heard of a Divorce lawyer putting out a book on staying married or how to stay out of their office. Let me just say that this is one of the most unique, direct and honest perspectives that I have read/heard in a long time. Usually we all listen to psychologists on relationships so it was really refreshing to here a nonjaded divorce lawyer be open and honest about love. It’s almost like Nicholas Sparks with a major edge! I would recommend this to all women who believe in love and want to hear a fresh perspective on maintaining the best relationship possible. Bravo Mr. Jaffe on your new book! Keep em coming!
— Booklover1967